Unlimited Membership: $200 / month

email for:

Family: $175 / Month each 

24/7 add-on: $25 / month


Youth, 8-10: $120 / month
M & W 4:30  Sunday 11:30

Juniors, 11 - 14: $120 / month

M & W 5:30  Sunday 11:30

Blast Off!

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Beginner classes start the first Tuesday of every month. Classes are at 7:30 PM, T & Th for 3 weeks. Then you have the rest of that month, and the whole next month of unlimited classes. 
*For NEW people ONLY. If you've done Blast Off before,  you can just join again.


Drop In

First Drop In is always FREE. 

In town for a while? Email , we'll figure something out.

Otherwise, $30 drop-in.

Private Blast Off

If our Blast Off schedule doesn't work for you, you can do 3 private sessions, plus two weeks of membership.

Contact us and we'll set you up. 


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5720 Rainier Ave. Seattle, WA 98118